Are You Interested in Free Tuition?

Fairhaven Christian Academy is offering free tuition for one year of schooling! Enroll your child in four-year-old preschool and kindergarten and receive free tuition for your child’s first grade year! Read on to learn more.

Learn what parents of Fairhaven Christian Academy students are saying about our preschool and kindergarten program.

The K3-4 program was instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for each of our four children! All of our children were reading by the time they reached kindergarten. We are very thankful for the K3-4 program teachers, and we appreciate all their efforts to help better equip our children for the future. They were not only taught educational things but practical things as well that would help them when they began kindergarten and throughout their education.

~ Anna Rose, mother of James, Jonathan, Josiah, and Heidi

I am so thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to have our son enrolled in the kindergarten program of Fairhaven Christian Academy. One of the things I appreciated the most was the routine and consistency of the classroom. My son thrived under the loving and caring environment created through the different teaching and recreational times in the classroom; he looked forward to school every day.

~ Mary Brock, mother of Nehemiah

Give your child the best start possible by enrolling them in Fairhaven Christian Academy's Preschool Program.

The Details


The tuition for both the preschool and kindergarten years must be paid in full by May 1 of each respective year.

One-Time Offer

The second condition is that this offer may only be redeemed one time per family. This offer does not carry over from year to year, or sibling to sibling; it is a one-time use only.


This promotion must be taken advantage of before September 1 of the school year.

The family who wishes to take advantage of this offer will have the opportunity to decide what is best for their schedule. Parents may choose to enroll their child in preschool five days a week for a full day, or half day is allowed as well. The offer of free tuition remains the same provided the above mentioned conditions are met.